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Backers Risk Agreement

Agreement of backers

Distinguished Backer:

Before you register as a backer on ICO BANK, please read the Terms of Service and Agreement of backers carefully.

ICO BANK( a crowdfunding platform about digital currency and blockchain. It provides the intermediate service, offers you blockchain investment project, and offer creators the backers. ICO BANK shall fulfill his duties and perform the obligation of being honest, trustworthy and cautious. ICO BANK indicates creators that blockchain investment is a risk investment, which is fit for backers who have the proper capacity of risk appraisal, risk identification, and risk tolerance. You can back a project with legal funds, but can’t raise funds illegally. ICO BANK, as a crowdfunding platform of the third party, can’t define the minimum rate of return. Besides, ICO BANK takes no responsibility for the loss on your investment.

Please read following risks existed in investment on ICO BANK.:

・Investment risk

There is risk in blockchain project, you may bear the part or all losses. So you’d better back a project whose creator takes the responsibility for his loss.

・Liquidity risk

Most of the projects are at the seed stage,their stock equity isn’t mature, and can’t transfer market effectively. After your investment, you may be unable to find buyers to transfer your interest.

・Risk of no reward

Most of blockchain projects belongs to start-ups, they may have no rewards. Profits are used in reproduction, so you may have the risk of no reward before your retreat.

・Macroeconomic risk

Under the influence of the surrounding market changes in the market, the management of blockchain projects turmoil. So you have to take your responsibility for the loss.

・Policy risk

Under the influence of the laws, regulations, policies and ICO BANK rules change in blockchain projects, the management of blockchain projects turmoil. So you have to take your responsibility for the loss.

・Technical risk

Network technology on ICO BANK takes a risk of being hacked and attacked. Though ICO BANK will assure websites run normally, you have to undertake the loss caused by any factors except ICO BANK.

・Risk of force majeure

You should undertake the loss caused by following factors. Such as, earthquake, fire, flood, war and so on.
Except the above mentioned risk of force majeure, blockchain projects take unpredictable risks in payment management. Such as, market risk, credit risk, management risk, policy risk and so on.
Please read this Agreement, then make a cautious decision. If you signed this Agreement,you should take the related risk. And ICO BANK may regard you have read and accepted its service mode.
The Agreement will go into effect on the day of its promulgation.
You should assure that you have read Terms of Service and Agreement of Backers, ICO BANK states risks of blockchain investment. Your investment is made by yourself, and you will take your investment risk.

・Risk of delayed remittance

To people who are directly sending from exchange account.
Regarding the transfer from exchange, do to delayed remittance, it is taking a great amount of time for the transfer to complete.
We suggest you to make the transaction from different wallet.
Please do not send bitcoin directly from the exchange account in the future.
For those who has been sending bitcoin directly from the exchange account, and not reflecting on this website, please send a screen shot of the transaction page, along your account ID to this email.

・About Withdrawal

After the procedure of withdrawal, we have obtained time for confirmation (1 day to 3 business days).

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