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Privacy policy


Your privacy, which includes your registration information and your personal information is protected by Hong Kong law, regulations and the Privacy Policy of ICO BANK. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement.


Scope of this Policy

How to collect, manage and protect your privacy:

・Users personal information obtained through our website;
・The information that transferred between the users and the non-users through our website;
・The users and non-users information that our website shared with its trading partners.


Our Use of Collection and Authentication of Data

What information does the ICO BANK website collect?

If you open an Account or utilize the services of the ICO BANK website, we may collect your personal information (including but are not limited to e-mail address, account passport, alias and so on).
User information will be secured by encryption mode servers. In order to offer you a good user experience and improve our services, we will integrate your personal information with other information provided by third party. In some services, you may even participate in the integration of the above mentioned information.

Identity Authentication

ICO BANK can verify the information you provided on our website or on other third cooperative party website. We can check, use and save the verified information according to our User Agreement.

Log message

When you use the services on ICO BANK Site, we collect your web browser information automatically. The information collected can include, but are not limited to, IP address, the type of browser, the language of the browser used, the requested date and one or more cookies that can identify your browser.

Contacting Us

When you contact us through e-mails or other methods, we may keep these communications to improve our services.

ICO BANK only collect the users’ information mentioned in the Privacy Policy. In addition to the above mentioned part, the contents include the services provided to the users, the listed contents and ads, auditing, research and analysis to protect and improve our services, the technology operations, the development of the new services and other purposes.


Information disclosure and sharing

ICO BANK will not disclose, rent or sell your personal information to any third parties, except:

・The user agrees to share information with third parties;
・Only disclose your personal information can we provide you the required services;
・The programs or services provided by our website (ICO BANK has no right to use the users’ personal information for other purpose unless otherwise noted) On the basis of the laws, regulations and the administrative order user need to provide personal information. Due to the need of the external audit, user must provide personal information. When user violate the terms on the ICO BANK website or other projects’ regulations, user must provide personal information. Evaluations of ICO BANK indicated user account is at risk and needs to be protected.


The rights to edit and delete your personal information

User have the right to edit your personal information on ICO BANK website anytime. User can also fill out the application form to delete your account, however, relevant information will still be saved on our website, except the above mentioned third rule.


Security assurance

To protect your privacy, your account on the ICO BANK website has the password protection function.


The revision of the Privacy Policy

ICO BANK will often revise the Privacy Policy, and we will notice you the revised content and the new regulations on time.


Problems and Suggestions

Please inform us of any problems and suggestions.

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