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Terms of Service

Acceptable terms ICO BANK or us) offers the following services: Web user experience, Internet messaging service. Besides some special functions, contents and the application program are included in the ICO BANK services (collectively, the “ICO BANK Services”).

Whether visitors or members, once you access or uses the ICO BANK website, you are agreed to comply with the terms of the User Agreement.

If you wish to be a member of the ICO BANK and communicate with the other members through this platform, please read this User Agreement carefully and comply with its terms.

Members who are connected on the ICO BANK website are also included. Under the terms of this agreement, you need to follow the regulations when you get the service and publish something on the ICO BANK website. The rights, the obligations, the restrictions and the privacy of the ICO BANK are also included in this agreement.

If you choose to use any services on ICO BANK website, you may be asked to download the software and agree to be bound by those additional terms and conditions. The additional terms and conditions both belong to the agreement, unless otherwise specified.

ICO BANK reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions contained in these terms. We will provide notice of these changes by posting the revised Terms to the website. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions on the website. Thus, we strongly recommend you to look up the terms regularly, in order to be cognizant of the latest modifications of these terms. Use of this website acts as acceptance of such changes or modifications. If you do not agree to the Terms in effect when you access or use our website, please stop using the website immediately. You must also delete your personal file and log out.

Comply with the law

When experiencing ICO BANK services, users are subject to abide by the law of the Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as “Hong Kong”) and its relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to the “Constitution of the People’s Hong Kong”, Contract Law of Hong Kong, Telecom Regulations of Hong Kong, Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Service, Provisions on the Management of Internet Electronic Bulletin Service, Law of the Hong Kong on Keeping Confidentiality of State Secrets, Decisions of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Maintaining the Security of the Internet, Regulations of the Hong Kong on the Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems, Safety Protection Measures for the Administration of International Networking of Computer Information Network, Hong Kong Copyright Law and Its Implementation Regulations, Measures for the Administrative Protection of Internet Copyright. Only when the user agrees to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and this agreement, the user shall have the right to use the ICO BANK service (Regardless of whether the user intends to access or use this service). Please read this Agreement carefully and keep it properly.

Account, password, and security

Please provide your current and complete information accurately when creating the account on ICO BANK website; please promptly update your account information and ensure accuracy at all times. All information provided by the user belongs to the registration information. Please take responsibility for all the activities that occur under your untrue, delayed and/or inaccurate registration information.

The account and password are non-transferable. You cannot lend or tell others about your account information and your password. Please inform ICO BANK if your account is illegally used by others. ICO BANK will not take any responsibility for the illegal use of user account by others if it is caused by hacking or user’s negligence of password keeping.

Upload Content

You must take responsibility for the text, file, image, photo, video, audio, music and any other information (hereafter referred to as “contents”, including your personal photos, audio, video and so on) that you uploaded, posted, spread and sent (including communications by e-mail) over the ICO BANK website.
Our website does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of the above mentioned information. While using our services, you may be exposed to any of the contents which may be unpleasant improper or disgusting. You need to make a judgment before you use the services.
Under no circumstances is ICO BANK responsible for the content (including but not limited to: errors, omissions, inaccuracies or inauthenticity).
We are not responsible for any loss or damage derived from the contents, including uploaded, posted and sent information, as well as communications through e-mail.
If a report was submitted to ICO BANK stating a user’s information is inaccurate, during managing process, we shall have the right to stop the spread of the above mentioned content and take further actions. Such actions include but are not limited to pausing users’ services, keeping the records and reporting to the office.

User Conduct

In connection with your use of the Services, you must abide by the relative laws and rules of Hong Kong. Any illegal or inappropriate activities are not allowed on the ICO BANK website, including but are not limited to the following activities:

1. Upload, display, post or spread information as the following by other means:

・Be against the basic principles of the Constitution and other laws;
・Endanger state security, leak state secrets, subverts state power or undermine national unity;
・Damage the nation’s honor and interests;
・Incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;
・Undermine the national religious policy or promote the cult and feudal superstition;
・Spread rumors, disrupt social order, undermine social stability;
・Obscene content, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or crime abetment;
・Insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights of others;
・Contain false, harmful, coercive, abusive, harassing, slandering, vulgar, obscene, or other morally objectionable content;
・Contain contents that are prohibited by Hong Kong laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any legally binding restrictions or norms;
・Misuse the network service system for any illegal purpose;

2. The following activities are not allowed on the ICO BANK Site:

・No-one may use computer networks or network resources without getting proper prior approval;
・No-one without prior permission may change network functions or to add or delete information;
・No-one may delete,change or add the data that stored, processed and transmitted over the Internet without getting proper prior approval. No-one may deliberately create or transmit viruses without getting proper prior approval.

3. Other acts that endanger the safety of computer information network:

・If users violate any of the above provisions in the use of network services, ICO BANK or the grantee have the right to require the user to correct or take all necessary measures to reduce and eliminate the negative impact of user’s behavior (including but not limited to changes, deleting the related content, suspending or terminating using ICO BANK service).

・Users are not allowed to copy, sell, or use it for any other commercial purpose by obtaining any part or all of the information from the ICO BANK service.

・Users are required to assume legal responsibility for their behavior in the process of using the ICO BANK services. The form of legal liabilities includes but not limited to: stop the infringement behavior, apologize to the innocent people publicly, restore their damaged reputation and give compensations. If a user’s illegal or improper conduct causes ICO BANK to bear administrative penalty or compensation for infringement. The user should provide compensation to ICO BANK as a make up. (Not less than ICO BANK compensation to the third party) and publicly apologize to ICO BANK through the national media.

Intellectual property rights and other lawful rights and interests (including but not limited to the right of reputation, goodwill, etc.)

ICO BANK has no ownership to the text, files, images, photos, video, sound, music and other creative works, or any other materials (referred to as the “content”) released on the ICO BANK.
After publishing the content on the ICO BANK website, the user shall continue to own the content and have the right to choose how to use the content properly.
If the user display or post any content in ICO BANK or through ICO BANK service, namely the user grant ICO BANK a permit to enable ICO BANK to use, modify, copy, promote and publish such content.

The user agrees to grant ICO BANK the right to use, copy, modify, rewrite, translate, adapt, issue, and create derivative works on the global scale freely, perpetually, irrevocably, non-exclusively. Or/and spread, show, display foregoing part or all of the contents or put these contents into current or future unknown media forms.

User statement and assurance: users have legal rights to their content in the ICO BANK service or through the ICO BANK service. Content published in ICO BANK services or through ICO BANK service does not infringe anyone’s portrait rights, privacy, copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, and other contractual rights. If the user is required to pay the license fee or other fees to any other person for the content published in the ICO BANK service or through the ICO BANK service, all of which is borne by the user.

ICO BANK services contain the content provided by the ICO BANK itself, users and other ICO BANK licensors. The ICO BANK content is subject to the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong, the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong, the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong and other relevant laws and regulations. ICO BANK owns and maintains all rights for the content and services.

Special warning for international use

Users understand the borderless nature of international Internet and agree to abide by all the laws and regulations concerning Internet behaviors and contents. The user agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the output information from the country or region where the user is located.

Expense and payment

Joining ICO BANK is free, but we charge a fee for certain services. When you use a service, you will have the opportunity to see the sum you need to pay for the item. Changes in the cost will only come into effect after publishing on the website. You are responsible for paying all costs and taxes that are generated by using the service.

For the money received from the participants through the third-party payment platform, ICO BANK does not assume responsibility regarding to the third party’s performance of payment platform.


If the user upload, post, send or spread certain content through the ICO BANK service, access some services, violate the agreement or infringe upon others’ rights, which will cause any third party to claim compensation, the user agrees to indemnify ICO BANK and its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, brand owners or other partners the amount of compensation (including legal fees), in order to make the ICO BANK immune from damage.

General measures regarding the use and storage

The user acknowledges that ICO BANK has the right to develop general measures and restrictions on the use of services, including but not limited to: ICO BANK service will retain the user’s e-mail messages, the maximum retention period of the content posted by the user, a maximum number that a user account can receive and send, the size of a single message that can be received or sent by a user account, the maximum disk space allocated by the ICO BANK server for the user and upper limit of the number of times a user uses ICO BANK services during a given period and the upper time limit of each use. Any information stored or transmitted by ICO BANK has the right to judge and decide on its own, to change the relevant general measures and restrictions at any time.

Revise of the Service

Customer should understand and agrees that ICO BANK has the right to modify the services temporarily or permanently at any time. ICO BANK has no liability to users and any Third Party.
All user should prepare a copy for the content which is uploaded, posted and sent in the ICO BANK website. Our website is under no obligation to save them, and ICO BANK take no responsibility for the users’ loss and damage.

Termination of service

Users agree ICO BANK can unilaterally judge and decide. If the user violates the terms in the User Agreement or stops using the account, ICO BANK shall terminate the password, account and other services. ICO BANK can remove or delete any contents about the user saved in our website.
ICO BANK can even have the right to discontinue any part or all of the website with or without informing the user. You need to comply with the User Agreement that, ICO BANK can close or delete the account and all the relevant information at any time. Please be aware that ICO BANK have the right to suspend accountants temporarily or permanently.

Transactions with advertisers

Users should be responsible for any commercial activities or promotions over ICO BANK website.
ICO BANK is not responsible for all of the agreements, terms, guarantees and statements reached between the users and the advertisers over our website.


Users must agree that ICO BANK takes no responsibility for other websites or other resources offered by the third party over our website. ICO BANK takes no responsibility for the contents, ads, projects or other resources on the above mentioned websites. ICO BANK takes no responsibility for the commodities, services or information on the above mentioned websites.

No Commercial Activity

Users must agree not to duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit the service and information for any commercial purposes on the ICO BANK websites.

Exclusive rights of ICO BANK

Users must understand and agree that ICO BANK services and related software which (hereinafter referred to as the “service software”) contains proprietary confidential information protected by intellectual property rights and relevant laws. Users must also understand and agree that the content of the sponsored advertisements or information presented to users via ICO BANK services or advertisers may also be protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other relevant laws. Without the written authorization of the ICO BANK or the advertiser, the user may not modify, sell, spread some or all of the services or software, or produce derivative services or software. ICO BANK only grants users the right to non-exclusive individual use. Users cannot (nor allow any third party) to copy, modify, or create derivative works or carry out reduced works, reversed deciphering and other ways to decipher the original code. The user shall not transfer, grant license, also set any guarantee or otherwise to shift any rights concerning services and software. Users agree that ICO BANK services can be used only by the interface provided by ICO BANK.


Any of the provisions applied by ICO BANK can never be the explanation to exempt from responsibility for causing users’ personal injury or deliberate property damage by ICO BANK.
Users shall be held accountable for the consequences in using ICO BANK services.
ICO BANK does not provide any explicit or implied warranty for the services, including but not limited to commercial fitness, the applicability for a specific purpose and guarantee for not infringing upon the rights of others.

ICO BANK makes no guarantee for the following events:

・The services will meet your requirement;
・The services provided will be undisturbed, current, safe, reliable and accurate;
・The services provided will be accurate and reliable;
・ICO BANK makes no representation that any projects, services or other information will meet users’ expectations, that any bugs in the software will be corrected;
・Users should take responsibility for the materials downloaded on the ICO BANK website.

Limitation of liability

・Under no circumstances shall ICO BANK and its shareholders, founders, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, parent company, affiliates and employees bear legal responsibilities in an explicit or implied manner for any direct or indirect losses caused by the users in the use of service, including but not limited to loss of funds, loss of profits, loss of business interruption, etc. ICO BANK party does not guarantee the authenticity of the content of the website, the adequacy, timeliness, reliability, integrity and validity and is exempt from any resulting legal liability.

・ICO BANK cannot guarantee and has no obligation to guarantee the authenticity and validity of the information on the third party website. You should use the third party website in accordance with the service agreement of the third party website, not with the agreement. The content, products, advertising, and any other information on the third party website shall be judged by the user and have nothing to do with ICO BANK.

・If the equipment or system from ICO BANK or involving the third party is found with defects, hacker attacks, network failures, power outages, computer viruses or other force majeure factors, and losses thus were caused, ICO BANK shall not be held responsible for compensation. User’s remedy can only be to terminate this Agreement after negotiating with ICO BANK and stop using ICO BANK. However, Hong Kong existing laws and regulations prevail all.

・Promise to use ICO BANK services and website content in a legal way. Users must not engage in the act of infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others via this service and any acts in violation of Hong Kong laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents or any unauthorized acts via ICO BANK, such as unauthorized access to the ICO BANK undisclosed system, improper use of the account password and any content of the website.

・User may not use the services provided by ICO BANK or other email forwarding services to send spams or other content that may violate this agreement.

・ICO BANK is not obligated to monitor website content. User must acknowledge and agree that ICO BANK has the right to disclose, modify or delete the necessary information from time to time in accordance with laws, regulations, and government requirements in order to better operate ICO BANK and protect their own and other legitimate users.

・The copyright of all content in ICO BANK belongs to the ICO BANK, including but not limited to text, data, design, source code, software, pictures, photos and all other information (hereinafter referred to as the “content”). The content of the website is protected by the Copyright Law of People’s Republic of Hong Kong and the International Copyright Convention. Without the prior written consent of ICO BANK, you are not to copy, imitate, spread, publish, or display website content, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, and video ways and forms. User must acknowledge that the content of the website is ICO BANK’s property. Without the written consent of ICO BANK, you are not allowed to mirror any of the information contained in the ICO BANK to any other website or servers. Any unauthorized uses of the content are illegal; you shall be held accountable for illegal behavior.

・If you violate this agreement or any laws, regulations or infringe on the rights of a third party, which causes the third party to make a claim or lawsuit for compensation, ICO BANK shall have the right to recourse the related loss, including but not limited to ICO BANK legal costs, loss of reputation, and compensation for a third party.

The general terms and conditions

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the user and ICO BANK formally, and is used to regulate the behavior of the users. On the basis of abiding by this agreement, when using the content or software provided by the third party, the user shall also comply with the related additional terms and conditions regarding to such services, content, software.

This agreement as well as the relationship between the user and ICO BANK is subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong.

If users have problems with the ICO BANK service, the agreement or other matters, these conflicts should be resolved through friendly consultations. If consultation fails, it should be filed to the relevant institutions.

If ICO BANK does not exercise or enforce any rights set and granted by this agreement, it does not constitute the waiver of such right.

Any of the provisions of the agreement is invalid if in conflicts with the laws of the People’s Republic of Hong Kong. However, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected.

The title of this agreement is only for easy reading. If contradictions exist in the content of the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.


If users find any violation of terms of service, please inform ICO BANK.

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