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The identity authentication

User must agree before starting to authenticating identity, user must have already read the agreement. User authentication indicates user’s voluntary acceptance to all the contents of this “User Agreement”.

To improve the safety of crowdfunding and credibility of your membership, ICO BANK offers you the authentication service. Before user’s application for authentication, user must register as a member on ICO BANK website first. ICO BANK website has the right to identify your identity, but as a network service provider, we only have the limited methods to make the identification. Moreover, it is difficult to identify your identity online, thus, our website makes no guarantee to the accuracy of the user’s identity.

The authentication services including personal and institutional identification. We have the right to save user’s provided information and the information obtained on our website. We may provide user or the third parties the conclusion about user’s authentication and personal information according to our Agreement.


Authentication Service

・Authentication service is an identity service offered by ICO BANK. User’s personal information and authentication results cannot be amended or canceled once you have completed the authentication. If user wish to amend their personal information after completing the authentication, user must offer us a voucher issued by the authorities and we will help modify user’s information.

・ICO BANK has the right to unilaterally modify or change the contents of this Agreement. We will announce the latest version on ICO BANK website without notifying you. After the modification, user can still use the ICO BANK Service or its authentication service. Which means user have had read and agreed to accept the modified Agreement. Please stop using our service if user do not agree with it.


Identity recognition

・Individual ICO BANK users in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong) provide the following documents for authentication: effective ID card or passport within valid period. (If documents require online uploading, the copy should be generated by scanning original version, or colorful digital photograph; The copy of second generation ID card need to be in the form of front and back side; residential registration should only come into effect after being registered for three months or more. In addition to the temporary ID card, if less than three months, the documents shall not be accepted.)

・People who do not have full capacity for civil acts deemed by law, ICO BANK shall refuse to provide authentication service.

・The following information shall be provided to the company when the user is applying to ICO BANK for authentication service: company name of the commercial subject, registration number, legal representative and other information.

・ICO BANK users cannot modify the information that has been authenticated, including but not limited to the company name, name and ID card number, etc. The valid period of the ICO BANK user authentication in Hong Kong is consistent with the valid period of the ID provided by the user. However, it should be no longer than 20 years since the completion date of the authentication. Certificate of residential registration comes into effect from the auditing day, valid for one year. The validity period of the ICO BANK user authentication shall be calculated according to shorter one of the validity period of the certificate and the guarantee period. But the longest span should not exceed 20 years since the completion date. For corporate-ICO BANK users, the valid period is one year. If the business term distances authentication day for less than a year, the business term shall prevail. After the expiration of the validity period, the corresponding ICO BANK account can only use the original authentication information or the legally changed information to apply for re-authentication.

・If ICO BANK users intend to initiate operations such as retrieving their ICO BANK password, personal identification documents shall be required to verify that they are the owners to the account.


Management of the authentication information

User authentication information is saved by ICO BANK irrevocably. In addition to the legal or promised duty, we promise not to publish, compile or disclose your information, and even for commercial purposes. Except for the first regulation:

・User agree to disclose their information;
・ICO BANK provide user information to the authorities;
・ICO BANK provide user information to the relevant enterprise;
・When the third party and ICO BANK offers user the service together, the third party can offer user the related information;
・ICO BANK has the right to offer user personal information to the third party to solve user’s dispute with the third party.


Special announcement

・Read the Agreement carefully before your authentication. And your authentication refers to your agreement to our terms.

・If you do not agree with this Agreement, ICO BANK refuses to provide the membership services to you.

・You must abide by state laws and regulations.

・You must provide the true, complete and accurate certification information, and take responsibility for your provided information.

・You must confirm the authentication information on ICO BANK, and take responsibility for it.

・When significant changes are made to your authentication information, you should apply to ICO BANK for a modification. Otherwise, the user shall take full responsibility for any loss.

・Please make sure of proper use of the account, and take legal responsibility for your activities under this account. The promised investment is not included. User cannot expose their account to third parties; any economic loss or legal liabilities caused by the user himself shall take full responsibility.

・ICO BANK shall keep the information regarding user accounts confidential, except when it is required by laws or regulations.

・ICO BANK only check the validity of the ID and ensure the consistency between the information filled in the application form and that shown in the required documentation. We take no responsibility for the following legal disputes:

(1) Authentication with false information;
(2) Authentication with illegal use of legal certificates;
(3) Regulations define that, shareholders cannot make the authentication;
(4) Other conditions.

・Once our Agreement revised, we will provide notice of these changes by posting the revised Terms to the website. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions to the website. User’s continued use of this website acts as acceptance of such changes or modifications.


Agreement relationship

This Agreement constitutes the integral part of ICO BANK Terms of Service. In case of contradiction, ICO BANK Terms of Service shall prevail.

© ICO BANK 2017.